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Winter Olympics 2014

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Shattered Skulls

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Sochi, Russia...thoughts?


I missed whether it actually happened but supposedly, the flag bearer for the US was ordered not to drop the flag when the Russian delegation came by. Disobeying would get the bearer kicked out of the Olympics, whereas complying would be illegal and would get the bearer arrested by Russian authorities. I'm interested to know what happened with that.


Personally, I'm a fan of the snowboarding. Shawn White is awesome. He got hurt a few days ago due to some untested equipment while practicing; sprained his wrist or something. Anyway, he had to drop one of his events. Kinda sucked. I guess the local news channel isn't even airing the snowboarding yet, though; they've gotten through the qualifying and have had a few crashes. They are ready to hand out medals for that but all the channel is showing is figure skating. I like legs as much as the next person but come on...


And then there's Lindsey Vaughn, the skiing champ who had to drop out because of an injury. That really sucks...I do like that someone gave up their spot in the Olympics so that her sister could go, though. (At least, I think that's the way it happened.)


So again...thoughts?

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