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Lovely Poetry, & some not so lovely poetry

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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Hello everyone, this is one of my first posts on this forum, so, enjoy yourselves. Oh, I wrote that because I just thought I should know when I revise it later so I don't feel like too much of an idiot.

:blink: :ph34r:

Anyone notice the sig?
Well, I hope you do sooner or later.

This is a lovely place, now for my writing!

The Dark Angel in the Valley
By: <--- me

The darkest angel,
The lightest song,
Draws the fellow,
Man to long.

Long for reason,
Long for hope,
Long for anything,
Long life for folk.

But you sit by,
The angel in black,
Sitting in the valley,
And turning your back.

The darkest of reasons,
You shant reveal,
Because you don't think
That the mortals feel.

Feel the sorrow,
Feel the pain,
Feel the vengence,
For no gain.

This is your end,
Your pillage has come,
Not by the mortals,
But bye the sum.

The sum of your fears,
Shall tair you away,
The sum of your fears,
Shall make you stay.

Away to the mountains,
Never the valleys,
Stay in valleys,
And miss the gallies.

An angel has fallen,
An angel has died.
The fears chased it far,
And the fear chased it wide.

The fears of all fears,
Got the angel in the end.
The harshest of leers,
And the distrust of men & women.



    Horton Hatches The Egg

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I want to write a happy poem for once, liven up the mood here!

Life Light

The light of a child,
So stunningly white.
They always have,
A withstanding might.

Little pitter patters,
Of feet down the stairs.
A little tiny person,
With long blonde hair.

Creeping through the kitchen,
With devilish ease.
A young teenager,
With late lunch fees.

The light is dim,
but it still exists.
The families that surround it,
With a gentle kiss.

The latter years have come,
And life is ending fast.
Better make a tomb soon,
Because you won't really last.

Now the light is gone,
From that empty vessel.
Then finding a brighter one,
In a life long tussel.

Dedicated to: The short bus.
I wrote this on the bus and I was bored out of my mind, this is also posted on the vampires forum.




    Horton Hatches The Egg

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Hmm... well that wasn't too joyous, but does make the point that some people are better off in the after life even if they ran through a long hard life!



    Yertle The Turtle

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The poems are great moon, they are like my own some cause fear and depression others cause some to be happy and joyous, life isnt like a box of chocolates...it isnt which it percieves and your never going to impress everyone, dont even try to because you will just be wasting you time, there are planty more things for you to do with your time other then impress the people arounf you...dont do things for them..do them for your self..i know this might sound like a lecture but it is not i like to give my advice out, but hey you didnt ask for it so mabey i should actually shut the hekk up..well your poems are awsome mabey when i have more life in me i will put some of mine up for peeking, im back into the hospital now and alive becaus e of you...thank you...


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