Growing up in the small town of corsicana texas where there isn’t anything but country bands and cows “gross” which were a couple of things they were tired of hearing and looking at.

On March 15th These two men decided to do something about it to bring foward a wrock that has never been wrocked before “HAVEN”!

The Haven project was started, but was put on pause 2 weeks later due to our singer having to go back to iraq, but that wouldn’t slow them down.

In spite of the distance between the band they still managed to practice and influence each other via the world wide web. In the return of our fearless frontman after 5 months, in their first jamm session in the middle of a party they struck gold and a hand full of fans. After that they worked on the specific sounds, tones, and vocal patterns that would fit and define who they were as individuals.

Once that was settled they hit the studio and came out with two very delicious tracks due to the fact their singer had another date in iraq with some terrorist farts and his permanent return in July is very much anticipated.

As of now HAVEN currently consists of only 2 members at the time as it has always been, thats the vocalist NICK YOUNG NASTY MAN DILLON and the guitarist ALLIOS SiN!

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