Formed in 2003 by Max Arnason (Kooper Kain) and Martin Lowe (Lowenoize )Kooper Kain has produced and released 3 full length albums to date on KK’s personal indie label S/N Ratio Records.

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Hydrogen Echo Girl

  1. Schokker
  2. Midnight at the Whirling Dervish
  3. Beloved Jane
  4. Hydrogen Echo Girl
  5. Half Breed No One
  6. Black Dog There
  7. Mad Clocks/Stars Burnout
  8. Sin City Misfit
  9. Cinema Malcontente
  10. Ruby Vocoder
  11. Lizard King’s Fear and Loathing
  12. Dark Girl Hides Her Habit
  13. Buried Alive
  14. Spiller
  15. Lost, Like Tears in the Rain
  16. Beautiful Robotz (Kooper Kain Vs Violet Black Orchid)
  17. Cracking and Cooling


Turning Cities to Salt

  1. Icy Stars
  2. Sentence Now
  3. Breach
  4. Moonlight Kiss
  5. Crowded
  6. All That’s Needed
  7. 80 Years of Dirt
  8. Flicker, Flicker & Out
  9. Eyes on the Ocean
  10. Tonal
  11. Alien
  12. Too Far Gone
  13. Red Satin Rivers
  14. Apocalypse & Pawn
  15. The Ne’er Do Well
  16. Orchid
  17. Goodnight Lustmord
  18. The Cowboy Vampire


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