Pavla Mikulasova (AKA Pavla), was born in Jesenik, in the mountains of the Czech Republic.

“When I was just 5 years old, my parents gave me a piano. I loved to sing and I began piano lessons. It was just a game in the beginning – as it should be. But when I was 9, everything changed thanks to a wonderful person, Vladimira Krepelkova, who opened me the door to the world of music and the freedom it could offer me. She introduced me to Bartók and then I understood music was not a question of notes and keys but a matter of expression, a tool for interpreting my thoughts and feelings.

My maternal grandmother was a fundamental figure throughout my childhood, a refuge of love, and I spent long and happy hours together with her. In the evening I was listening to her singing and her music kept living in my head and in my heart until today.

When I was 12 I started going to church where I was singing in the Gregorian choir. In the same period I began my first compositions. At 14, I began to take organ lessons – I used to play the church organ during mass in the villages, accompanying my mother who was singing.

My adolescence was a critical period and I decided to cut with everyone in my search for inner freedom. I used to listen to my uncle’s LPs, locked away in the living room, alone, while my brother and cousins were playing outside. It was only later, when I left home, that I realised that music was the key for the freedom I was looking for.

I studied at the J. Jezka Conservatory of Music in Prague, but I left to move in Italy. For years I went from one agency to another, but my music never “fit”. The last few years have seen my true self emerge as I live near Rome in the countryside of Poggio Mirteto. I’ve turned away from the commercial agents and their demands.

The music I write and sing and play today expresses my true self, and hence my music flows. The sounds and words are born from my past and mingled with my future.”

– Pavla

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  1. Anonymous Day
  2. Black Out
  3. Desaparecidos
  4. Grandmother
  5. The Little Angels
  6. Lullaby
  7. Overdose
  8. Sweet Dreams
  9. Sweet Girl
  10. The Horses
  11. The Magic Mirror
  12. Timeless



  1. Respirare


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