Pavla Mikulasova (AKA Pavla), was born in Jesenik, in the mountains of the Czech Republic.

“When I was just 5 years old, my parents gave me a piano. I loved to sing and I began piano lessons. It was just a game in the beginning – as it should be. But when I was 9, everything changed thanks to a wonderful person, Vladimira Krepelkova, who opened me the door to the world of music and the freedom it could offer me. She introduced me to Bartók and then I understood music was not a question of notes and keys but a matter of expression, a tool for interpreting my thoughts and feelings.

My maternal grandmother was a fundamental figure throughout my childhood, a refuge of love, and I spent long and happy hours together with her. In the evening I was listening to her singing and her music kept living in my head and in my heart until today.

When I was 12 I started going to church where I was singing in the Gregorian choir. In the same period I began my first compositions. At 14, I began to take organ lessons – I used to play the church organ during mass in the villages, accompanying my mother who was singing.

My adolescence was a critical period and I decided to cut with everyone in my search for inner freedom. I used to listen to my uncle’s LPs, locked away in the living room, alone, while my brother and cousins were playing outside. It was only later, when I left home, that I realised that music was the key for the freedom I was looking for.

I studied at the J. Jezka Conservatory of Music in Prague, but I left to move in Italy. For years I went from one agency to another, but my music never “fit”. The last few years have seen my true self emerge as I live near Rome in the countryside of Poggio Mirteto. I’ve turned away from the commercial agents and their demands.

The music I write and sing and play today expresses my true self, and hence my music flows. The sounds and words are born from my past and mingled with my future.”

– Pavla

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