The Original Second Skin .TM Darkwave,gothic,batcave ~ Know from albums like “Black Eyed Angel” “Choir Invisible” “Illa Exuro In Silentium” “Hymns for the Hollow”

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Black Eyed Angel

  1. Stalker [Explicit]
  2. Body
  3. Beautiful
  4. Still My Love
  5. Liberata Me
  6. Voo Doo Doll
  7. Sweet Nothing [Explicit]
  8. Girl Divided [Explicit]
  9. I the East
  10. Kara
  11. Club Sexxx II [Explicit]
  12. Liberata Tu Tu Me (Save yourself)
  13. Demonica
  14. Scream yourself to Sleep


Choir Invisable

  1. Choir Invisible
  2. Brothers Keeper
  3. Sera
  4. Dirty
  5. Sweet Nothing
  6. Club Sexxx
  7. Zero Below
  8. Omega Man
  9. Daddy’s Home
  10. Riaf Rehtaew
  11. Bonus Track 1
  12. Bonus Track 2
  13. Bonus Track 3


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