The Last Dance are a modern alternative rock group from Orange County California. The music is a hard hitting blend of basic guitar, bass and drums rock ‘n’ roll with 80’s style new wave, postpunk, darkwave, and electronica.

Guitarist Rick Joyce, vocalist Jeff Diehm, and bassist Peter J. Gorritz rely on many years of working together in the stage and studio combined with a wealth of varied musical styles and influences between them to forge a sound that is solid and consistent yet flexible enough to constantly evolve.

Years of friendship and shared triumphs and tragedies have also helped the 3 principle members keep the band going strong in situations where many would have given up. The rigors and hazards of life on the road, the constant challenge of being an independent rock band in a world of Major Label competition, Pop Divas and American Idol; even the tragic death of longtime drummer Ivan Dominguez have not been able to slow the bands momentum and desire to succeed.

The Last Dance have released 6 full length albums, along with several E.P.s and Limited Edition releases. They have also been featured performers on innumerable compilations released worldwide, including international magazines and Hot Topic exclusives. They have performed exhilarating live shows on stages of all sizes in clubs, halls, and indoor and outdoor festivals throughout North and Latin America and Europe and are expected to be hitting Asia and Australia in the near future.

The Last Dance are also no strangers to the world of visual entertainment. They have had their music featured on MTV’s “Made”, on ABC news, and they have appeared and performed on the Fox Reality show “The Search For The Next Elvira”. They have a video for their single “Once Beautiful”, courtesy of acclaimed director Sandy Collora, and are the subject of director Rocky Costanzo’s recent DVD documentary “Almost Beautiful”, filmed during the recording and subsequent U.S. tour for the “Once Beautiful” album.

With a history like this and no signs of slowing down, it’s no wonder that The Last Dance have a loyal and devoted following worldwide and are picking up new fans every day. But the best way to get to know The Last Dance is not by reading a bio. Listen to the music. Watch the video. See a show.

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