The Blood is the Life.

Dracula is a classic, and not one that should be trifled with. It’s iconic. To mess with it at all boarders on unforgivable. So naturally, when I first learned that NBC had decided to make a Television series out of Dracula, fear went through me. Not fear that is the horror of Dracula, but a  fear that they were going to screw it up – big time.

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Goodbye Cult. I’ll never know what you meant to me.

Why did I watch this show? “I have no idea” is the answer to that question, and I have asked myself that question more than once. Now that it’s cancelled, I’ll probably never have my answer. In April of this year The CW decided to cancel Cult, but, thankfully, or not, they still continued to air the remaining  6 episodes that were already filmed.

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Orphan Black - Angel

Orphan Black: A New Perspective on Nature vs. Nurture

The first time I heard anything about Orphan Black was when Amazon threw it up at me as a recommendation on their instant streaming service.  Nowhere had I seen an ad for it or heard anyone else talking about it.  Shows like that always seem to have the most potential for surprising you, and this one certainly falls into the ‘hidden gems’ category for me.

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