Hungry Lucy Interview

Well our first PodCast and Live chat with Christa Belle and War-N I think went really well.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Christa Belle and War-N for participating in the PodCast and live chat. They were such a pleasure to have and so very brave for being our firsts. Thank you both so very much.

Gracious, kind and very open is how I would describe these two. I t was exceptional to see a band so interested in interacting with the fans – they even turned the tables a bit *Cheeky devils* ;) and asked what version of “Bound in Blood” we all liked best. So if you have an opinion on that – feel free to post it, Email it to us or IM it to us and we’ll be happy to let Hungry Lucy know.

For those of you who’ve never heard both version – I’ll be playing them both today – back to back at about 3pm est.

Two very extraordinary people.

Secondly, I’d like to thank those of you who sent in questions to the band and who came into chat to be with us. I had such a great time with all of you. You really made it a wonderful experience. We loved having you there with us for this very special debut! And hope you’ll join us again and again and again. After all this is about the fans and the bands connecting.

I know some of you were unfamiliar with Hungry Lucy and really liked the music after listening to the on air PodCast. I also know that some of you didn’t get the chance to tune in – not to worry – the PodCast in now available for download here:

You can also veiw the chat transcripts here:

To learn more about the band, or order their music be sure to visit their site at:

We also have a band info page on the site here:

Just click on “Biography” to see more or scroll down and click request to have a song played live by the on air DJ at the time.

Lastly, we’d love to have your feedback and suggestions so please feel free to post them here, send us an email or Instant Message as we’d love to get your thoughts!

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