Xiphoid Process Interview

Yesterday afternoon we were very glad to bring you our interview podcast session with Xiphoid Process. Michael, from the band, shared with us some insights into what brought him to become an artist and what influences he has drawn from.

The interview helps showcase how much talent and dedication he puts into his work, and we think that you’ll very much enjoy listening to his thoughts between songs. Michael has been putting together music since creating songs for his own listening pleasure in the early 90s, and since his first Xiphoid Process album (My Own Thorny Crown) in 2000, he’s really refined his sound into something unique that stands all on its own.

Many of the songs you hear on the interview are from his latest album, Closure, which just released last month, and is now up for digital purchase through XP’s MySpace page. The album brings XP back to its more melodic roots and a step away from the industrial side of ‘The Rest is Darkness and Dismay’. So, if you like what you hear, be certain to hit the link in their profile here to get there. We’re sure that you’ll be glad you did.

Well, now that we’ve got your appetites wet, it’s time to share our experience with those of you who didn’t get a chance to tune in.

To download our Interview Podcast, head to:

And, for our detailed Artist Profile on Xiphoid Process (and link to their MySpace Profile where you can purchase their work):

Tell us what you thought of the session, and be sure to drop Michael a line via his site or his MySpace if you liked what you heard as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

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