ThouShaltNot Interview

Alex Reed, from the band ThouShaltNot, was our guest yesterday for our live chat and podcast interview session, and we were quite honored to have have him join us.

In both the live chat and in the on air interview, Alex demonstrated a great deal of insight and thought with his answers, and even gave us a very honest way of looking at the issue of downloading music illegally over the internet.

You’ll learn in the chat session about the nearly insane amount of songs Alex has authored as a solo artist, and in the interview you’ll get to hear how that raw talent he has for song writing and music really shines through in their songs.

TSN’s latest album, Land Dispute, helps highlight how much they have grown as a band, and it’s definitely worth picking up.

The Interview Podcast MP3 can be downloaded at:

And, definitely don’t miss the Chat Session for quite a good deal of extra info:

For a full bio on the band (including Alex’s direct email address), you can view our detailed Artist Profile for TSN at:

As always, let us know what you thought of the show and more importantly, if you liked what you heard as much as we enjoyed it, be sure to drop Alex a line to let him know as well.

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