Kooper Kain Interview

We were very pleased to be joined Saturday afternoon by Max Arnason
from the band Kooper Kain in our Live Chat and Podcast Interview
Session. The group has held a place on our playlist for quite some time
now, and it was very nice to have some time to get to know them a bit
better in our chat room and on air.

Those that enjoy the music as much as we did can find a link to buy
their latest album, Hydrogen Echo Girl, on iTunes (along with pictures, a bio, and links) at their detailed artist profile on our site:

They are hard at work on their 4th album as well, so be sure to keep an eye out for its release in the not too distant future. It should be well worth picking up.

And now, for those downloads you’ve been waiting for:

Transcript – http://www.secondshifters.com/transcripts/Kooper_Kain_06-07-2008.txt
Podcast – http://www.secondshifters.com/interviews/Kooper_Kain_Interview.mp3

Sanctuary and I had a great time bringing them to you, and we strongly encourage you to drop them a line if you liked their work as much as we did :)

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