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Music is an escape for some people. It’s a way to slip away from the world that surrounds us and retreat into the one that we create for ourselves inside our own heads.

With Collide, we find a band that has taken their music and brought out that private world into the light of the one we can all see. As they put it in their bio: “We just wanted to make the kind of music that we wanted to hear.”

In our interview with the band, you’ll hear more about their escape and how their music has come into being. They will also discuss their throughts on the direction the music industry is going and the new surge of independent artists coming out with the help of the internet.

It is an interview worth listening to, and one that Sanctuary and I are both glad to be bringing to you. Take a listen and hear for yourself :)

To download the podcast MP3, head to:

And, for a detailed profile on the band, complete with pictures, lyrics, videos, and a full biography, visit:

Keep an eye out for more from Collide in their upcoming album, Two Headed Monster and be sure to use the links in their profile to purchase their work if you like what you hear. :)

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  1. Shattered Skulls
    Shattered Skulls says:

    Collide certainly has some great music. I had actually checked them out when the site first came back up as Art of Darkness, listening to some of their music on YouTube. A while back, I was looking for something similar to what you were doing because at the time, I was trying to write something very dark and sinister; I needed “mood music”. All I could come up with at the time was “Daemonium – Dark Opera Of The Ancient War – Spirit”, a literal dark opera that reminded me of the movie “Repo: The Genetic Opera” for some reason. It worked well enough but I think Collide’s music really falls into that “dark and sinister” genre without really being metal or rock, which a lot of such music is. I like Disturbed and some other similar bands but sometimes its better not to have screaming music even though you want that sort of emotional, watch-the-world-burn-and-laugh kind of tone.

    Maybe that’s not exactly what you’re going for but it’s reminiscent of the dark thoughts that pervade our skulls when life is intent on fucking us up in my opinion. It’s like when you just don’t have the energy or just aren’t in the mood to rage but you’re pissed off at everything around you nevertheless.

    In any case, great music and I look forward to seeing where Collide ends up.


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