Eyes of Eden Interview

Walde Sorychta was kind enough to share his thoughts with us yesterday in our podcast interview with one of the key figures behind Eyes of Eden.

At his backing is a lot of experience producing for some very large and very well known bands out there, and that experience and that talent shines through quite clearly with what he’s done in creating the band.

In the interview he spoke of everything from his thoughts on what really sets talented musicians apart to the long history that went into making the band’s debut album, Faith. It’s well worth the listen, with a lot to learn about the band’s history, not to mention the great music that’s included as well.

Sanctuary and I had a great time bringing their music to your ears and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of their album if you do. It’s well worth grabbing.

To download the podcast and view more details on Eyes of Eden, including lyrics, pictures, links and a full biography, head to their detailed profile on our site at:

And for more details on our interview series, head to:

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