Under The Dome Shows Some Real Potential

It’s not often that I’m raving about a show right from the pilot episode, but CBS’s new show ‘Under The Dome’ is looking pretty promising, if the pilot is anything to go by.  There’s a Stephen King book at the center of it a well, which doesn’t hurt either.

The show centers around a plot device that is very similar to something that happened in an Outer Limits episode called ‘Feasibility Study’.  (I should earn some nerd points for that reference.)  We start out in a small town, with your average small town dramas, but then a touch of sci-fi gets added to make things interesting and frightening all in the same breath.  A giant clear dome appears out of nowhere, separating the entire town from the rest of the world.  Radio communication between the outside world goes dark, and even people trying to talk to each other from opposite sides of the dome can’t hear anything.  The town appears to be completely and totally on its own now.

We don’t know where it came from, or what it’s purpose is, but there are a slew of questions that immediately pop into mind.  In a world that’s evolved to revolve around connectivity between people and places, can a small town survive completely on its own?  Will the farming be enough to feed everyone?  Will air be a problem if the plant life can’t generate enough oxygen?  Can they continue to generate electricity without a constant influx of gasoline?  Does electricity even matter as much anymore without the ability to communicate electronically with the rest of the world?

In the pilot, there’s a very eerie moment that comes up when a younger teenage girl is talking about what she’s been seeing at the hospital.

“Some of the patients are saying it’s like we’re stuck in a giant fish bowl.  I used to have fish.  Goldfish.  But then one of them got sick, and the other one… The other one ate him.  Did you even know they did that?  Goldfish?”

I’m very interested to see where exactly this one goes, and I’d encourage everyone who can to give it a watch for themselves.  You can find it right now on Amazon Prime Instant Video and on CBS’s website.

Featured Image Courtesy of CBS

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