Orphan Black: A New Perspective on Nature vs. Nurture

The first time I heard anything about Orphan Black was when Amazon threw it up at me as a recommendation on their instant streaming service.  Nowhere had I seen an ad for it or heard anyone else talking about it.  Shows like that always seem to have the most potential for surprising you, and this one certainly falls into the ‘hidden gems’ category for me.

Without spoiling too much of the plot, I will say that the series starts out with a woman that accidentally witnesses the suicide of someone that looks identical to her, but appears to be from a very different walk of life.  Her own situation leads her to try to assume the identity of the mystery woman, and from there we dive into a whole new world of puzzles to solve.

Whether you’re dealing with twins or doppelgangers, there are always some intriguing things that come to mind with their mention.  In an age where science has progressed as far as it is, I think that we might be pretty close to answering a lot of the questions that many of us have had about what leads a human being to become the person that they are.  Is it in our genes?  Is it in the environment that surrounds us?  Is it all about the choices that we’ve made?  Or, is there a higher power at work?  Do we each possess a soul that exists entirely outside of the confines of the physical world?  We don’t know the answers yet.  Maybe we’ll never find them in the scope of our lifetimes.  But, while we wait, Orphan Black is there to give us a glimpse at some of the possibilities.

Previously, the show was only available on BBC America or via some very country specific streaming services, but today the show hits the shelves as a DVD, which should let you get it in your hands a lot more easily.  You can also rest assured that it’s already been renewed for a second season, so you don’t have to worry about this becoming the next Firefly and getting canceled right after you get hooked on it.

Our Show Profile Page: www.secondshifters.com/television/orphan-black/

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