Goodbye Cult. I’ll never know what you meant to me.

Why did I watch this show? “I have no idea” is the answer to that question, and I have asked myself that question more than once. Now that it’s cancelled, I’ll probably never have my answer. In April of this year The CW decided to cancel Cult, but, thankfully, or not, they still continued to air the remaining  6 episodes that were already filmed.

It’s not that the show was bad. It’s that after watching all 13 episodes I am still unsure of what I really think of it. Do I like it, or don’t I? I don’t know, but, I kept watching it anyway. Puzzling really. Normally someone watches a show, and maybe they don’t like it after the first few episodes, or are disinterested, and simply stop watching it. The opposite is also true, they are hooked immediately, and never miss a beat of it. Yet here I am on the fence. After 13 episodes, to be at this place of questioning isn’t a good sign, but in the last few episodes I saw a move towards something that might have turned out to be worthwhile, and then it was gone.

When I first began seeing ads for the show it looked very interesting. It had a supernatural feel to it, though the plot appeared very basic: “Is it real, or is it a show?’ That was the question that lurked on all the trailers. Certainly worth a peak. During the first few episodes I kept waiting for a supernatural aspect to show up, but it never did. Disappointing. Still, I was invested, so why not see it through. It’s turned out to be more of a mystery, as did the real plot direction at times.

Normally you can get a sense of where a story line is heading, even when the writers throw twists that you’d never have expected. This one felt like they were winging most of it.  It could be that I’m not the right type of person to “get it”, whatever it is that I’m supposed to get about this show, or that someone thinks they are being terribly clever with their mystery. There’s evidence that someone was trying to be clever, but nothing to indicate that they actually pulled it off. It plays out as though they started with one thing in mind and moved into another direction to make things fit. It’s subtle. It’s like they began with one generalized big plot idea and were filling in holes and creating a story as they went. A dangerous way to write. That’s how you end up writing yourself into a corner.

They had two key tag lines used in the show that didn’t amount to anything, both of which they suddenly stopped using after a few episodes, until the last episode, without either of them having a reason for existing, other than the fact that they sounded ‘cool’. I really wanted an answer for their use, some deeper meaning. I got absolutely none. Maybe if I watch through a second time? I’m left with the feeling that they really could have gone somewhere with this. What a shame.

How the show came to life is a mystery in itself. It was originally created for The WB, but when The WB and UPN closed up shop and were replaced with The CW, The CW dropped the show.  According to Wikipedia, a revised version of the series was revived by The CW in January of 2012 and the pilot was officially picked up by The CW in May of 2012.

You can read more about the show on our page here, or over at The CW along with the last 5 episodes, at least while they still have the pages up.

If you have seen the show, please put my mind and ease and tell me why I watched it. If you haven’t seen the show, maybe go ahead and take a peek and let us know what you think.

In the meantime, goodbye Cul…

… Well hey…these things just snap right off.

Image courtesy of The CW

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