Podcast Episode 100: Now Syndicated on the Tay Allyn Forums

Note: I’d love to blame the lateness of this post on a glitch in moving to 3 digit episode numbers, but the truth is that I had a few personal issues pop up between the broadcast of our live show and now.  I’ll explain more on the next episode, but you can safely assume it hasn’t been the best of times for me these last few days.  -Atnevon

New Jersey finds new ways to make texting illegal, Schrodinger’s pot, Kevin Spacey thinks storylines are important for some reason, and We celebrate 100 episodes of the show with some unique ideas for syndication.

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(Credit: Cygnus) Texting drivers in NJ?  You might be liable for their car crash
Obama administration will not block state marijuana laws, if distribution is regulated
Kevin Spacey MacTaggart lecture
Sanctuary’s Recommendation: K-PAX

 Featured Image From Tay Allyn’s Mass Text Video (YouTube)

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