Podcast Episode 103: Death to Levity

Joking turns serious with the signs of the Illuminati in Miley Cyrus videos, Sanctuary gives us an article that unearths zombie origins, Spoiling Breaking Bad will get you disowned, People are now growing spare body parts on their arms and foreheads, Chris Christie steps in the way of gay marriage in New Jersey, Pink Floyd’s drummer changes his mind on streaming, and Atnevon has some good news about Night Rider.

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Unlike passwords, fingerprints are fair game to law enforcement
Netflix launches Spoilerfoiler to stop Twitter from spoiling Breaking Bad
NJ Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage Will Continue
Why Does This Man Have a Nose on His Forehead? (Free Sign In Required)
Pink Floyd makes peace with music streaming: drummer says it ‘might work’
Breaking Bad
Meet Night Rider (Warning: Somewhat Disturbing Image – Though the Cat is Fine)

 Featured Image Courtesy of Marcus J. Renum (deviantART)

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