Podcast Episode 109: No Touching!

We have some differing opinions on just how far is too far for polical correctness in schools, Deadmau5 doesn’t seem to like his home town too much, Sanctuary finds reason to keep being a pessimist, There is some confusion on what constitutes doctor assisted suicide in the case of a paralyzed hunter, A new way to potentially catch some of the worst kinds of pedophiles, Updates on some previous stories, and Atnevon admits he was wrong.

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Vice-principal’s Halloween costume triggers school board investigation
B.C. school bans kindergarteners from touching each other
Deadmau5 Slags His Hometown Niagara Falls’ Haunted Houses (Credit Nux from MDM for liking a post on Fb by Kristoph A Collver)
Post Link: https://www.facebook.com/kachimself/posts/10153461947600486
Quoted Post:
“OK NIAGARA FALLSIANS!!! stop criticizing Joel Zimmerman akadeadmau5 for what he said in the paper!! He, amongst every single musician in this region, understands and is fully aware thatNiagara Falls doesnt have the right crowd or musical credentials to further a career in music. Thats all he meant by his statement. People think they have to belittle him because of his world renoun status. STOP WITH THE BULL ISH NIAGARA! he is a legend in this city as is his mother! IM APPALLED BY THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THIS AS AN INSULT! #SMH AT ALL YALL IDIOTS!“
The Positive Power of Negative Thinking (And Sanctuary says.. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA Atnevon)
Watch What This Make-Believe Girl Means To 1,000 Pedophiles
A Very Dangerous Boy
America Has More Prisoners Than High School Teachers
How the NSA’s MUSCULAR tapped Google’s and Yahoo’s private networks
US Senate approves bill banning workplace discrimination against LGBT individuals
YouTube cofounder breaks 8-year absence on site to gripe about comment policy
(Credit: Cygnus) Paralyzed after fall from tree, hunter and dad-to-be opts to end life
Related: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terri_Schiavo_case
Nightmare Box

Featured Image Courtesy of Scott Akerman (Flickr)

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