The Blood is the Life.

Dracula is a classic, and not one that should be trifled with. It’s iconic. To mess with it at all boarders on unforgivable. So naturally, when I first learned that NBC had decided to make a Television series out of Dracula, fear went through me. Not fear that is the horror of Dracula, but a  fear that they were going to screw it up – big time.

There was a moment I had considered posting a tribute when the news arrived at my desk, but I had to hold back. I had to see the direction it was taking before I committed myself. I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Though only six episodes in, it’s slowly proving that it may in fact be a worthwhile watch in the short-term, and the long run. Still, it is early days, and each time I sit down to watch it, that same fear sweeps over me.

There are a few interesting changes in this version of Dracula that are both unexpected, and intriguing. At the front of it is the change in relationship between Van Helsing and Dracula, with the character Mina baring a close second, along with a unique perspective on her friendship with Lucy, or rather Lucy’s friendship with her.

I can’t bring myself to spoil these surprises for you with details, so you should take a peek at our page here, then watch the show on NBC, and let us know what you think of the way this version of the story is taking.

P.S. NBC, please don’t screw this up.

Image Courtesy of NBC

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