Podcast Episode 132: Nothing is Scarier than Tweens

Even more trouble may be on the way for music licensing, John Oliver has a creative outlet for Internet trolls, Pixar gives us the opportunity to bring many nightmares to life, 12-year-old girls stab their friend in the name of Slenderman, Cat people are smarter than dog people, The NRA gives us all a moment of hope before dashing away all aspects of sanity, Local events turn Atnevon into a bit of a pessimist, Gary marriage is legal in Wisconsin, and the media pays attention to all the wrong things in a car accident.

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US review of music licensing spells trouble for internet radio
John Oliver on Net Neutrality
Pixar Renderman software set free so you can make your own Toy Story
Prosecutors: Tweens attempted to kill friend to satisfy mythical internet creature
Related: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/06/two-girls-say-they-stabbed-a-third-in-the-name-of-slenderman/
Cat people are smarter than dog people, study says
NRA Issues Amazing Statement Admitting Bringing AR-15s To Chipotle Is Dumb
Related: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/nra-apologizes-open-carry-texas
Little Free Library goes up in Downtown Sandusky
Offensive costume not welcomed at Bike Week
Gay marriages begin in Wisconsin after federal judge strikes down ban
Trucker Charged in Tracy Morgan Crash
Hedegaard ft. Lukas Graham – Happy Home (Credit: Senze)

Featured Image From The Shining (IMDb)

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