Post-apocalypse T.V. Show precedes the book it was created from.

Apocalyptic earth has been at the center of many sci-fi movies. In fact as early as 1916 in a silent film titled “The End of the World” they were exploring the idea of what life would be like for the people left behind after an apocalyptic event either though natural methods, accident, war, aliens, or deliberate destruction by man. Our fascination with what we would do should the earth be destroyed, invaded, or made unlivable for humans, appears to be unending.

The 100 is one of those shows that explores that “what if” – generations later. It reveals the story of 100 juvenile delinquents sent back to Earth – to at great risk to themselves to suss out the possibility of humans being able to return to the planet nearly 100 years after a nuclear war destroyed it.  The CW pilot remains true to the author’s original story but what I find odd is that this T.V. Series was created from a debut book by Kass Morgan that wasn’t even on sale until Sept 3, 2013.

I’ve personally always found these types of movies and T.V. shows more frightening than any horror film could be. The reality is that if we’re not careful  about how we treat our planet, and each other, we may unfortunately need the information gathered from such stories to survive as a species.

Season 2 of the show begins Wednesday October 22, 2014.

Food for thought: There is a line in the trailer that you can watch on our page about the show here that says things best “I want to make sure the human race deserves to survive.” That’s a very interesting point.

Featured Image Courtesy of The CW


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