“I’ll Remember” – Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries has begun!

Much to Atnevons displeasure, Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries aired on Thursday, Oct 2, 2014. (No – that’s not giggling you hear from me as I torment him with this post.)

Last season left a few of our favorites seemingly disappearing into the Abyss of The Other Side as everything collapsed around them. Was this their final death? Are they alive? You’ll have to watch the Vampire Diaries to find that out. I’m not telling!

Unfortunately, as far as Season Premieres go, this one fell very flat for me. There wasn’t one single moment that was memorable, or one that I’d want to re-watch. Yes, I was disappointed. The writers will need kick in up a notch or two  in  upcoming episodes. I have faith that they will.

During interviews the writers and producers have dropped hits that the show titles have a greater meaning when linked together – along with the main poster for the start of the season. Symbolism is important in good writing. Weaving hidden meanings into stories, and images that  make you think, or, that when you figure it all out give a sense of satisfaction are great sources of inspiration.

If you’ve never seen The Vampire Diaries,perhaps it’s time you did. You can check out some information of it on our page here.

Featured below is one of this seasons promo images and it certainly had a lot of people talking about what it means, and what it was foreshadowing for Season 6 . Can you figure out what it means? Pay attention the the clock image on both sides – time will tell? Pun intended.



Featured Image Courtesy of The CW

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