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Podcast Episode 7: Squiggly Letters… and Legal Systems

Sanctuary and I have a little bit of a disagreement on Indiana’s new policy on cursive handwriting. We have a few heated responses to the idea of tuition help for illegal immigrants, and the Casey Anthony trial brings us to a few interesting thoughts on the whole ordeal in our 7th episode of the new […]

Podcast Episode 4: Parents

Our ode to Parents, and to all the things wrong with kids these days (yes, we feel old now) is up for download. Episode 4: Parents We’ll be back next week at our usually scheduled time slot of 4pm Eastern (8pm UTC) for those that want to join us live. We look forward to seeing […]

Podcast Episode 3: Too Much Technology

**Update: We will be recording our next podcast a little earlier than usual due to some scheduling issues. Tune in at noon eastern (4pm UTC) on Sunday to catch us live for episode 4.** In our third episode, we do our best to explore the bounds of technology and whether or not all of us […]