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phoenix/NEBULIN Interview

Friday evening, we were quite pleased to have the band phoenix/NEBULIN with us for our Live Chat and Interview Podcast Session on Second Shifters Radio ( http://www.secondshifters.com ). The night started with a kick when we heard from the band in the on air interview and song mix. We learned a good deal about the band with […]

ThouShaltNot Interview

Alex Reed, from the band ThouShaltNot, was our guest yesterday for our live chat and podcast interview session, and we were quite honored to have have him join us. In both the live chat and in the on air interview, Alex demonstrated a great deal of insight and thought with his answers, and even gave […]

Xiphoid Process Interview

Yesterday afternoon we were very glad to bring you our interview podcast session with Xiphoid Process. Michael, from the band, shared with us some insights into what brought him to become an artist and what influences he has drawn from. The interview helps showcase how much talent and dedication he puts into his work, and […]

The Dreamside Interview

It was our honor, yesterday afternoon, to have Kemi and Roman from The Dreamside as guests for our Chat and Interview session here at Second Shifters. We had a wonderful time with the band, both in our live chat and in putting together their interview and song mix for you, and we’re certain that you’re […]

Lady Haidee Interview

Yesterday afternoon, we were pleased to have Lady Haidee as our guest for our Podcast Interview and Chat Session. Quite a fun time was had by all, and we were very happy with how well it turned out. Along with Haidee herself, we were joined by quite a number of her fans from the SellaBand community. For […]

Cell Division Interview

Yesterday afternoon we were pleased to have Cell Division as our guests for our bi-weekly Podcast Interview and Chat series. We had quite a fun time, and we hope that you all enjoyed it as well. For those that didn’t get a chance to attend, or for those that want to relive the evening, we […]

Hungry Lucy Interview

Well our first PodCast and Live chat with Christa Belle and War-N I think went really well. Firstly, I’d like to thank Christa Belle and War-N for participating in the PodCast and live chat. They were such a pleasure to have and so very brave for being our firsts. Thank you both so very much. […]