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Podcast Episode 125: Baaah

There’s a Pirate Bay Bundle full of free games, Sanctuary reviews Goat Simulator, People are still using Windows XP and need to stop if at all possible, America doesn’t read anymore, Wil Wheaton inspires us all, Brendan Eich steps down and brings on Sanctuary’s massive rage, and One court reporter earns both our respect and […]

Podcast Episode 124: The Prophet Has Spoken

Prophet Manasseh makes a pre-show guest appearance to bring Sanctuary some divine laughter, The Wu-Tang Clan wants to turn albums into paintings, Mozilla’s choice of CEO comes into question, Atnevon might have been wrong about E-Cigarettes, and Sharknado 2 is coming to make Kidcha’s day.

Podcast Episode 123: Putting Kidcha In The Spotlight

Julie Ann Horvath lets us know that sexism and harassment are still alive and well in the workplace, Australia says that anti-vaccine groups are not charities, Fred Phelps is dead and we aren’t sad to see him go, Gay marriage is temporarily legal in Michigan, Microsoft reminds us that emails often times aren’t private, and […]

Podcast Episode 122: An Accident, In Theory

Seeming brings their debut album to our door, A victory against anti-dog laws, One of Oklahoma’s TV stations has an ‘accident’, The internet grows up and gets kicked out of the house, The Boston Globe wonders if gifted children should get more funding, and Cygnus brings us news that Walter Williams has passed away… again.

In This Rebirth, There is Only Death

For those with a careful eye on our site or a careful ear on our stream, you may have noticed that we have some new music to share with you.  The name on the tracks isn’t one you would recognize from anything previously on our playlist, but the voice you hear might be one that’s […]

Podcast Episode 120: Bitcoin, The Humanity!

Arizona regains some sanity with the veto of SB 1062, Mt. Gox goes bye bye, Google’s hiring practices earn praise and send Atnevon on a rant against unnecessary degrees, Tor helps Sanctuary plot in secret, Lawrence Lessig has a copyright win, LoudCity bows out, and Sarah Jones deserves to be remembered at the Oscars.

Congratulations Cygnus! You’re never sleeping again…

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize the extraordinary effort that Cygnus is making to continue to deprive himself of any hope of getting a full night’s sleep.  In addition to having spent many sleepless nights getting Second Shifters’ first dedicated server up and running back when we were first starting out, he […]