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It’s Time to Meet the True End.

On Aug 24th 2014 True Blood had it’s last call. I can say I’m sorry to see it go. Like any good show that comes to a close you’ll never satisfy every watcher that’s invested, but all the questions were answered that needed to be, and every character had a sense of closure to their […]

“Hope. Her Name is Hope.”

That was the last line Klaus spoke as Season One of The Originals came to a close. As it did, I can say, I wasn’t disappointed in this series at all.  Similarly to how Buffy had the more grown up spin-off of Angel, The Originals has proved to be the more adult sibling of The Vampire […]

Merry Christmas 2013 to Everyone!

Atnevon and I wanted to take a moment today to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Be safe and have a wonderful time! We’re so glad that we have you here with us. (P.S. When you go to the main post click on the image to see it in its full beauty.) […]

The Blood is the Life.

Dracula is a classic, and not one that should be trifled with. It’s iconic. To mess with it at all boarders on unforgivable. So naturally, when I first learned that NBC had decided to make a Television series out of Dracula, fear went through me. Not fear that is the horror of Dracula, but a […]


On this Friday the 13th, we at Second Shifters would like to remind you that your dolls will be watching over you as you sleep… keeping you safe and sound. Sweet Dreams. 🙂 Featured Image Courtesy of mike krzeszak (Flickr)

Goodbye Cult. I’ll never know what you meant to me.

Why did I watch this show? “I have no idea” is the answer to that question, and I have asked myself that question more than once. Now that it’s cancelled, I’ll probably never have my answer. In April of this year The CW decided to cancel Cult, but, thankfully, or not, they still continued to […]