Back Next Week

Sanctuary has some super secret projects to take care of this weekend, but we’ll be back next week with the podcast as usual.  See you then!

Podcast Listen Link

The radio may be gone now, but we’ll still be doing our weekly podcasts.  To tune in (4pm Eastern Time on Sundays), just head to this link:

Second Shifters Radio is Going Dark (Not in a Good Way)

Well, with this post, it’s official. We’re going to be closing down the radio side of Second Shifters at midnight (Eastern) on New Year’s Eve. Our first day of broadcast was Friday June 13th, 2003, so that makes 12 and a half years that we’ve been on air now. Sadly, the situation with royalties is just past the point of reason, and even though there may be a temporary break coming for some, it’s clear that it’s just that… temporary.

For anyone that’s never heard Atnevon DJ before, your last chance will probably be Thursday night, so feel free to tune in for the final performance. If nothing else, it should be interesting.

The site is going to keep going, but we’ll be undergoing some pretty major changes, and we may have to effectively take it down for a while while we re-vamp. Much of this is still in the planning phase, so you’ll have to keep an eye out to see just what comes down the pipeline.

Many thanks go to Sanctuary for being co-host and co-admin for these last few years.

A Tale of Darkness… or in Darkness

Backup batteries are supposed to help decrease stress, but somehow they’re managing to cause Atnevon’s day to go out the window. We’re going to have to call off the podcast for this weekend, but we’ll be back next week to tell the dark tale of UPS failure.

Tales of Horror and Tales of Horrible in Kidcha’s Halloween Movie Review

Hello friends, my name is Kidcha and I am here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t watch this Halloween, because I put my foot in my mouth and declared I knew more than anyone else in the universe has ever known about this subject.

I mean, it might be true, but it was a bit dumb to brag about it, you know?

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No Podcast This Week

To help Atnevon better prepare for his upcoming world takeover, we have to call off this week’s podcast. We’ll be back next week though, and we’re sure to be sharing how the progress is going.

Featured Image From Pinky and The Brain (IMDb)

No Podcast Today

Some very good news may be coming soon, but in order to make it happen, we’re going to need to call off today’s podcast. More details will be coming. We promise to make it up to you.

Congratulations Cygnus! You’re never sleeping again…

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize the extraordinary effort that Cygnus is making to continue to deprive himself of any hope of getting a full night’s sleep.  In addition to having spent many sleepless nights getting Second Shifters’ first dedicated server up and running back when we were first starting out, he just yesterday welcomed into the world the third addition to his family – his second baby girl.

A little searching over on Wikipedia reveals that his nickname is also a constellation.  That’s fairly fitting, as he’s probably going to have plenty of opportunities to look up and see it in the sky over the next year or two.

Here’s to you, your family, and your insomnia Cygnus.  Congratulations!

Featured Image Courtesy of Stewart Priest (Flickr)

Sanctuary is Infected

Unfortunately, we won’t be having a podcast this weekend due to the sickness that Sanctuary has come down with.  With Justin Bieber’s potential deportation to Canada pending, it begs the question – Is she suffering from Bieber Fever?  Or maybe it’s Football Fever?  Cast your votes in the comments…

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