Darker Days Tomorrow Interview

Born to the world in 2005 from former members of Emergence, Darker Days Tomorrow has managed to create a sound for themselves that is very hard to rival. They made their way onto our playlist very recently, and it has been a pleasure having them there since.

It is because of the devotion they have shown to their music and the opportunity we had to share their songs with new ears that Sanctuary and I were extremely pleased to be able to bring them to you with a Live Chat and Podcast Interview session.

Pseudosanct and Kimiko joined us on Saturday afternoon for quite an entertaining time. Much was heard about their views on the industry today and much was said in the chat to tell us more about not just who they are, but what they’ve created as well.

We don’t want to be selfish and keep it all to ourselves though, so now it’s time to share the fun with you. To download the on air interview podcast, head to their artist info page on our site at:

There, you’ll find a detailed profile on the band including pictures, bio info and links to the group’s sites and projects. Chat transcripts will also be up shortly for you to read through as you listen, and we highly encourage you to keep an eye out for them to get an even better feel for the band and the great time that we had with them in our chat. You’ll even get to see some really biiig kitties too.

For those of you tuning in for the first time, you can find more info on our chat and interview series (including links to past sessions) at:

Enjoy the session. We’re very glad to have you for it :)

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Atnevon and Sanctuary
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Eyes of Eden Interview

Walde Sorychta was kind enough to share his thoughts with us yesterday in our podcast interview with one of the key figures behind Eyes of Eden.

At his backing is a lot of experience producing for some very large and very well known bands out there, and that experience and that talent shines through quite clearly with what he’s done in creating the band.

In the interview he spoke of everything from his thoughts on what really sets talented musicians apart to the long history that went into making the band’s debut album, Faith. It’s well worth the listen, with a lot to learn about the band’s history, not to mention the great music that’s included as well.

Sanctuary and I had a great time bringing their music to your ears and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of their album if you do. It’s well worth grabbing.

To download the podcast and view more details on Eyes of Eden, including lyrics, pictures, links and a full biography, head to their detailed profile on our site at:

And for more details on our interview series, head to:

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Second Shifters – Radio that bites… Hard

Collide Interview

Music is an escape for some people. It’s a way to slip away from the world that surrounds us and retreat into the one that we create for ourselves inside our own heads.

With Collide, we find a band that has taken their music and brought out that private world into the light of the one we can all see. As they put it in their bio: “We just wanted to make the kind of music that we wanted to hear.”

In our interview with the band, you’ll hear more about their escape and how their music has come into being. They will also discuss their throughts on the direction the music industry is going and the new surge of independent artists coming out with the help of the internet.

It is an interview worth listening to, and one that Sanctuary and I are both glad to be bringing to you. Take a listen and hear for yourself :)

To download the podcast MP3, head to:

And, for a detailed profile on the band, complete with pictures, lyrics, videos, and a full biography, visit:

Keep an eye out for more from Collide in their upcoming album, Two Headed Monster and be sure to use the links in their profile to purchase their work if you like what you hear. :)

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The Last Dance Interview

Yesterday afternoon, Sanctuary and I had a fantastic time with bringing you The Last Dance for a chat celebration and podcast interview that we’re quite sure was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Our goal with the chat and interview sessions has always been to bring great music to more ears and help give people a closer, more intimate connection with the bands they hear. And, we’re very certain that you’ll find exactly that with what TLD delivered to everyone on Sunday.

In their interview podcast, you’ll find a good amount of new depth into the band and some of their inspirations, including a background on the song ‘Dead Man’s Party’ that, as Sanctuary put it, is sure to change the way you hear it afterwards. You’ll also get a chuckle out of learning why it might be a bad idea to get The Last Dance to make a song about you.

While you’re listening to the interview, reading through our chat transcript from the event is a must as well. In it, we threw caution to the wind and went with an unmoderated session with everyone participating directly with the band. The results? Well, we’re extremely happy with how things turned out to say the least, and for those that attended: thank you so very much for being a great audience.

Topics in the chat ranged all the way from The Last Cats to a very unexpected coincidence with the date we ended up with for our chat and interview debut. You’re sure to learn a lot from the band in the transcript, and we promise you’ll have fun all the way through it.

Start listening and reading now:
Interview Podcast – http://www.secondshifters.com/interviews/The_Last_Dance_Interview.mp3
Chat Transcript – http://www.secondshifters.com/transcripts/The_Last_Dance_08-03-2008.txt

It really was a pleasure and an honor bringing this to you.  Thank you to everyone for being here for it. :)

Yours Sincerely,

Atnevon and Sanctuary
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System Syn Interview

Clint from System Syn was with us on air Saturday afternoon for our podcast interview series on Second Shifters ( http://www.secondshifters.com ), and he shared with us a bit about himself and the band he worked so hard to form.

He picked up his first guitar when he was 15 years old at a garage sale and he’s been playing ever since. It’s quite amazing to see just how far he’s come with it, and we’re sure that you’ll agree when you hear the music mixed into the interview.

As a musician proud to be under an independent label, Clint’s views and music are well worth listening to, and we’re sure you’ll be glad you gave them a listen.

Pick up the downloadable MP3 Podcast in case you didn’t have the chance to attend by going to:

You can find more detailed info on the band by going to our Artist Profile for System Syn at:

And, for more details on our podcast series, including past interviews, you can head to:

Sanctuary and I both had a great time bringing the band to you and with our chat celebration to go along with the debut of their work. We hope that if you like what you heard that you’ll consider picking up their latest CD ‘End’, which just went on sale last month. :)

Yours Sincerely,

Atnevon and Sanctuary
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Second Skin Interview

Yesterday afternoon we were happy to have Arron from Second Skin as our guest for the Podcast Interview Series at Second Shifters ( http://www.secondshifters.com ).

The interview helped us gain some new insight into the band, and features a brand new track called “Birthday Girl”. If you like what you hear, you’ll definitely want to pick up their new album when it debuts later this year, called “Illa Exuro In Silentium”.

For those that missed out on the experience, you can download a copy of the podcast MP3 at:

To get more details on the band, including videos and a link to their MySpace page, you can visit their artist profile here on our site at:

And, for more details on our series, head to:

Thanks for tuning in :)

Kooper Kain Interview

We were very pleased to be joined Saturday afternoon by Max Arnason
from the band Kooper Kain in our Live Chat and Podcast Interview
Session. The group has held a place on our playlist for quite some time
now, and it was very nice to have some time to get to know them a bit
better in our chat room and on air.

Those that enjoy the music as much as we did can find a link to buy
their latest album, Hydrogen Echo Girl, on iTunes (along with pictures, a bio, and links) at their detailed artist profile on our site:

They are hard at work on their 4th album as well, so be sure to keep an eye out for its release in the not too distant future. It should be well worth picking up.

And now, for those downloads you’ve been waiting for:

Transcript – http://www.secondshifters.com/transcripts/Kooper_Kain_06-07-2008.txt
Podcast – http://www.secondshifters.com/interviews/Kooper_Kain_Interview.mp3

Sanctuary and I had a great time bringing them to you, and we strongly encourage you to drop them a line if you liked their work as much as we did :)

Haven Interview

Joining us Saturday afternoon for our Live Chat and Podcast Interview Session on Second Shifters Radio ( http://www.secondshifters.com ) was Haven, a new band on our playlist (thanks to Sanctuary’s insanely gifted ability to find great bands on MySpace) and one that we very much think that you’ll enjoy.

Allios Sin from the duo lent his time to us in the chat room, even despite a very long evening the night before, and he brought his voice to us on air as well to help introduce the band’s origins and their music.

Quite a blast was had with him and we’re certain that those of you who didn’t get a chance to stop by will too once you download the transcript and the podcast MP3.

For the group’s detailed profile page on our site (complete with pictures, lyrics, their MySpace link and a biography), you can visit:

And for the downloads you’ve been waiting for:
Transcript – http://www.secondshifters.com/transcripts/Haven_05-24-2008.txt
Interview MP3 – http://www.secondshifters.com/interviews/Haven_Interview.mp3

We hope you like what you see and hear as much as Sanctuary and I liked bringing the event to you. And if you do, make sure to hit Haven with a message on their MySpace to let them know it :)

phoenix/NEBULIN Interview

Friday evening, we were quite pleased to have the band phoenix/NEBULIN with us for our Live Chat and Interview Podcast Session on Second Shifters Radio ( http://www.secondshifters.com ).

The night started with a kick when we heard from the band in the on air interview and song mix. We learned a good deal about the band with the answers they gave, including a very unique story on the origin of the song Voce de la Luna that will definitely give you a surprise to hear.

After the interview aired, both Phoenix and NEBULIN stopped by our chat room to share themselves with us a bit more and we gained a number of new insights about their work. American Idol had a surprise influence in one of their songs, and there was even talk of how to properly ‘care for your Phoenix’.

The band’s latest CD Meridian is definitely worth picking up if you like what you hear and you’ll also want to keep an eye out later this year for a new album called Lunacy.

To find more details on the band, including a link to their MySpace profile where you can buy their CDs and hear more of their music, you can view our detailed artist profile for phoenix/NEBULIN at:

And… now for what you’re all waiting for, you can download our chat transcript and on air interview at:
Transcript – http://www.secondshifters.com/transcripts/phoenixNEBULIN_05-09-2008.txt
Interview MP3 – http://www.secondshifters.com/interviews/phoenixNEBULIN_Interview.mp3

We hope you enjoy them as much as Sanctuary and I enjoyed bringing them to you. If you do, be sure to drop the band a line to let them know and let us know what you thought too :)

ThouShaltNot Interview

Alex Reed, from the band ThouShaltNot, was our guest yesterday for our live chat and podcast interview session, and we were quite honored to have have him join us.

In both the live chat and in the on air interview, Alex demonstrated a great deal of insight and thought with his answers, and even gave us a very honest way of looking at the issue of downloading music illegally over the internet.

You’ll learn in the chat session about the nearly insane amount of songs Alex has authored as a solo artist, and in the interview you’ll get to hear how that raw talent he has for song writing and music really shines through in their songs.

TSN’s latest album, Land Dispute, helps highlight how much they have grown as a band, and it’s definitely worth picking up.

The Interview Podcast MP3 can be downloaded at:

And, definitely don’t miss the Chat Session for quite a good deal of extra info:

For a full bio on the band (including Alex’s direct email address), you can view our detailed Artist Profile for TSN at:

As always, let us know what you thought of the show and more importantly, if you liked what you heard as much as we enjoyed it, be sure to drop Alex a line to let him know as well.