“I’ll Remember” – Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries has begun!

Much to Atnevons displeasure, Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries aired on Thursday, Oct 2, 2014. (No – that’s not giggling you hear from me as I torment him with this post.)

Last season left a few of our favorites seemingly disappearing into the Abyss of The Other Side as everything collapsed around them. Was this their final death? Are they alive? Read more

Post-apocalypse T.V. Show precedes the book it was created from.

Apocalyptic earth has been at the center of many sci-fi movies. In fact as early as 1916 in a silent film titled “The End of the World” they were exploring the idea of what life would be like for the people left behind after an apocalyptic event either though natural methods, accident, war, aliens, or deliberate destruction by man. Our fascination with what we would do should the earth be destroyed, invaded, or made unlivable for humans, appears to be unending. Read more

It’s Time to Meet the True End.

On Aug 24th 2014 True Blood had it’s last call. I can say I’m sorry to see it go. Like any good show that comes to a close you’ll never satisfy every watcher that’s invested, but all the questions were answered that needed to be, and every character had a sense of closure to their stories – one way or another. Read more

The Originals Season One Finale - Stabbed

“Hope. Her Name is Hope.”

That was the last line Klaus spoke as Season One of The Originals came to a close. As it did, I can say, I wasn’t disappointed in this series at all.  Similarly to how Buffy had the more grown up spin-off of Angel, The Originals has proved to be the more adult sibling of The Vampire Diaries.

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The Blood is the Life.

Dracula is a classic, and not one that should be trifled with. It’s iconic. To mess with it at all boarders on unforgivable. So naturally, when I first learned that NBC had decided to make a Television series out of Dracula, fear went through me. Not fear that is the horror of Dracula, but a  fear that they were going to screw it up – big time.

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The CW Posts the Directors Cut of “The Originals”

Although the T.V. Series doesn’t begin its First Season on air until October 3, 2013, The CW is currently playing the prequel directors cut version of the episode that launched the show. It contains 10 minutes of unaired footage, including footage that proves I’m still a hopeless romantic at heart.

I’ve read they will be filming a whole new episode for the actual launch in October.

Those in the United States can watch the episode here for as long as they have it up.

(P.S. If you watch the episode, the image chosen for this post will give you insight into one of the many reasons why Elijah is my favorite or The Originals.)

Image courtesy of The CW

Goodbye Cult. I’ll never know what you meant to me.

Why did I watch this show? “I have no idea” is the answer to that question, and I have asked myself that question more than once. Now that it’s cancelled, I’ll probably never have my answer. In April of this year The CW decided to cancel Cult, but, thankfully, or not, they still continued to air the remaining  6 episodes that were already filmed.

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Kindred: The Embraced, the Show We Lost too Soon

Before there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, before Angel, before True Blood, before the Vampire Diaries (or The Originals), and yes, before Twilight, there was a little known mainstream television show developed by Aaron Spelling and John Leekley that was painfully short-lived. A total of only 8 episodes saw the light of our T.V. sets. In April of 1996 the show had its debut performance. That show was Kindred: The Embraced.

Very loosely based on the White Wolf RPG game “Vampire, The Masquerade”, the series focuses on the “Prince of the City” Julian Luna, a leader of five clans of vampires that survive through disguising themselves as humans and living by a strict set of laws designed to protect their true nature from being discovered. They call it ” the masquerade”.

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Orphan Black: A New Perspective on Nature vs. Nurture

The first time I heard anything about Orphan Black was when Amazon threw it up at me as a recommendation on their instant streaming service.  Nowhere had I seen an ad for it or heard anyone else talking about it.  Shows like that always seem to have the most potential for surprising you, and this one certainly falls into the ‘hidden gems’ category for me.

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“The Originals” a Vampire Diaries Spin-off Set to Air this Fall

It’s not often, if at all, that you see a spin-off pilot airing near the end of  a season of its originating show, but here you have it. It happened. Season four, episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries saw the spawning of the back door pilot show “The Originals”, The CW’s latest venture into the vampire / supernatural subculture.

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