ThouShaltNot’s moody and kinetic music stands apart from comparison across postpunk, electronic, and goth genres. The three-piece band is at once desperately raw and epicly refined, experimental and infectious both in concert and on their four albums.

ThouShaltNot have built strong fanbases through their national tours and their work with acts such as The Dresden Dolls, VNV Nation, Alphaville, and David J. of Bauhaus. Their club hits “Cardinal Directions,” “Without Faith,” “Last Comfort,” and “Inside of You, In Spite of You,” have been played at nearly every dark alternative and goth venue in America, while their more organic “True Love” and “When Everyone Forgets” have appeared to acclaim on high profile compilations that exceed the limits of genre.

Never cliche, and constantly exploring the confluence of postpunk, industrial, folk, goth, and classical, their music, throughout its thoughtful subject matter, is psychotically hook-laden and rewardingly complex in its emotional and intellectual architecture. With their new record, Land Dispute, ThouShaltNot is poised to change the way you think and feel about music.

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