On this Friday the 13th, we at Second Shifters would like to remind you that your dolls will be watching over you as you sleep… keeping you safe and sound.

Sweet Dreams. 🙂

Featured Image Courtesy of mike krzeszak (Flickr)

We’re Wondering How Many New Mothers Will Choose the Name Jason for their Babies Today?

According to Atnevon’s math there are 4 million babies born in the US each year. That means every year (based on recent stats over at, there are 11, 344 Jason’s born, which reveals there were approximately 31 Jason’s born today.

Think about that while you sleep tonight.

Friday the 13th is never complete without Jason. So in honor of that we’ve added “Friday the 13th” to our film section.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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